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How A Lavender-Inspired hand-Blown Glass Vase Was Made

HandBlown Glass Collection


HandBlown Glass
Signature Lavender & Rose Cobalt Blue Glass Vase
These beautifully hand blown glass vase and plate with hand painted details of the elegant rose and the calming lavender will be a unique addition to your home decor. It gracefully stands 13 inches tall and measures 7 inches at its widest point. A hanging glass butterfly completes this stunning vase. The glass plate decor is 11 inches in diameter and it comes in a stand. As this set is hand-painted and hand-blown, details and weight may vary.
HandBlown Glass
Azure Lavender Rose Garden Vase

The Azure Lavender Rose Garden Vase comes in the shape of a pitcher. This hand-blown piece is deliberately made attractive by the exquisite hand paint of rose, lavender and butterflies in front. The back is made more gracious with more flying butterflies hand-painted with love! This pitcher-shaped vase stands 12-inches tall, with the widest point at 5 1/2 inches. Light purple at the bottom and blue colors on top. As this is hand-painted and hand-blown, details and weight may vary.
HandBlown Glass
Perching Bird Glass with Hand-painted Lavender & Butterfly
This set of hand-blown, hand-painted glass art was inspired by the captivating beauties of the Bluebird, Lavender and Butterfly frequently seen in spring and summer at Blue Dreams USA. This can be used as a décor or a decanter. The small piece is approximate 10" tall. The second one is 14" tall with bird cover. Get this set for only $ 175/set as an early bird perk. Limited quantities available for immediate delivery.
HandBlown Glass
The Radiant Red Rose

Inspired by the first roses we harvested at Blue Dreams USA, the Radiant Red Rose is a hand-blown glass reminding us of love for roses and what they represent. This exclusive hand-blown rose glass decor will provide vibrant colors in any home. It will remind us of love, admiration, and deep emotions for someone special. Measures approx. four inches wide. As in any hand-blown pieces, details may vary.
HandBlown Glass
Spanish Lavender & Butterfly Vase Set
Inspired by Spanish Lavender flowers that first bloomed in our farm and butterflies that swirled around this lovely plant, This colorful blue hand-blown glass vase set is hand-painted. The unique swirls give this a contemporary look, yet still classic look to stand the test of time. The set comes in two vases measuring about 11 inches tall x 4 inches in widest point. While the second version measures a little 14 inches and about 4 inches widest point. Details may vary given the nature of this set.
HandBlown Glass
Cobalt Lavender Blossom Glass Vase
This unique hand-blown vase is our exclusive design piece inspired by the first bundle of lavenders we harvested and dried at Blue Dreams USA. This substantial vase stands about 12 inches and weighs about 7-9 lbs. As this is handmade details and weight varies.
HandBlown Glass
Blue Birds and Butterflies
Be in awe of these two hand-blown masterpieces inspired by Bluebirds and Butterflies. With two designs to choose, get one for delivery before this Season of Giving! Bring happiness and good fortune this Christmas and perk up your every day this coming New Year! You chose between these two: The Blue Birds Delight hand-blown glass container comes with three glass eggs to give you further delight. Inspired by blue birds at Blue Dreams USA and Easter egg hunting in our farm, the fine details will perk you up. Measures about 2H x 5W. The Blue Fortune Flowers and Sapphire Butterfly Hand-blown glass and hand-painted unique glass décor. Measure 9H x 6 inches in its widest point.
HandBlown Glass
Blue Green Reed Twist Glass Vase
Covered in an abstract blue and green designs, this Blue Green Reed Twist Glass Vase is a truly stunning piece of hand-blown modern glass art. Its vibrant colors and smooth clean design makes it a home decor must have. It measures about 13 inches tall. The widest point is 7 inches with the top, and the base at about 3 inches wide. As in all hand-blown glass, details such as colors and weight may vary.
HandBlown Glass
Unique Blue & Purple Transition Glass Vase
This stunning set of Blue and Purple Transition Glass Vase can truly add a magical presence to your home. With two uniquely shaped hand-blown glass set, its tallest slim vase stands 16 inches tall with 4 inches widest point while its second rounded vase is about 10 inches tall with 9 inches widest point. The purple blue with a hint of green glass lace around the collar provide a distinctive delicate twist to this substantial exclusive set.
HandBlown Glass
Swirl of Purple and Blue Hues Glass Vase Set
With swirls of colors, this Purple Blue Hues Vases is a set of three hand-blown glass vases. comes with a stunning abstract design fitted for a modern day living. The combination of vibrant colors with touches of gold makes this set significantly rich and one of a kind. But what makes it even better is that you can individually give this as a gift.

Lavender, Roses & Tea Inspiring Gifts of Nature's Beauty. Our Specialty Handmade Lovingly!

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